In the interactive gaming industry, delivering seamless and immersive experiencesis paramount. Leveraging the power of WebGPU and WebWorker enables developers to create games with stunning graphics, ultra-smooth gameplay, innovative features and setting new standards for interactive entertainment.


The challenge is to create a technical POC utilizing WebGPU and WebWorker technologies. We do prefer that the nature of the POC looks like an online instant / scratch game, but any other implementation utilizing these technologies are very welcome. We’ll provide a curated list of learning resources and references to existing games you can benchmark on.  On top of this, we will have industry leading experts present to help you spar with both the concept of a next level online instant game and with possible technical questions.

Regarding the technical implementation we hope that you will avoid external dependencies when possible. We’d also hope that your entry would work directly in a browser and within an iFrame.




Submissions will be evaluated on how well the WebGPU and WebWorker technologies were utilized.


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