The challenge centers around the pressing issue of chronic pain management and the associated problems of substance abuse and opioid misuse. Chronic pain affects millions worldwide, and effective management is crucial for patient well-being. However, the overreliance on opioid medications has led to a crisis of addiction and misuse. This challenge calls for innovative solutions to address these issues, offering safer, more effective alternatives, or support, for chronic pain management.


Mentors will offer guidance, answer questions, and provide personalized support to help teams navigate challenges, refine their projects, produce innovative solutions, and maximize their overall hackathon experience.


The winning team members will receive Polar Ignite 3 Titanium watches as their coveted prize, while the runner-ups can look forward to fantastic swag bags filled with exciting goodies! 


Submissions will be evaluated based on four key criteria. Technical Solution focuses on code quality, functionality, and scalability. Innovation assesses the creativity and originality of the solutions. Presentation emphasizes effective communication and clarity, while Engagement considers user experience and real-world impact, collectively determining the success of each submission.


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