Can you tell if someone is reading, driving, or tired by looking at their eyes? Can your eyes reveal if you're feeling stressed? Can you identify if someone is being dishonest? When we read, drive, or watch a movie, our eyes are active. Pixieray uses premium eyeglasses with invisible technology that can track eye movements, head movements, and lighting conditions.

Your job is to dive head first into the data and find interesting insights on human behavior and how it correlates with eye movement. Analyze the data and find out what eyes can tell you.

We challenge you to use this novel data source to create meaningful, beautiful and impactful ideas that have practical effect on everyday life.


We provide data sourced from specialized eyewear that tracks eye movement, coupled with video data capturing user behavior while wearing these glasses.

Your task is to analyze, interpret, and draw meaningful insights from this rich dataset. The datasets are provided in JSON format, ensuring easy parsing and integration with most data analysis tools and platforms.

  • Eye movements from 6 IR-sensors on each eye
  • Accelerometer data
  • Ambient light and UV levels

To participate in this challenge and get access to the data please visit our booth.


The winning team will receive 500 €, the runner-up will get 300 € and the third place will be rewarded with 100 €.

The prizes are delivered as Amazon gift cards.


  • Innovative ways to utilize the data
  • Bright ideas to visualize the data
  • Having an impact on everyday life
  • Working software, service or live data presentation


At Pixieray we combine optics, hardware and software with human vision. Our technology is deeply integrated with the way we comprehend the world and it enables all of us to use our eyes as nature has intended.

Together we are a team of doers, dreamers, and engineers, envisioning a better world.