Sedentary lifestyles and mental health issues of children and adolescents present a pressing global issue, imposing significant societal costs and long-term health consequences. While wearable devices and mobile phones offer an array of sensors for activity tracking and insights into daily routines, many still fall short in meeting the recommended daily level of physical activity. Our mission is to motivate children and adolescents to embrace an active lifestyle and support their overall health by using wearable and mobile technology.


During the event, participating teams will be creating novel sports and health features targeted to wearable or mobile devices. Feature, algorithm or model can be created using some existing datasets or using real-time sensor data. Sensor data can be obtained from (but not limited to):

·        Android sensor framework

·        iOS CoreMotion

·        STMicroelectronicssensor tile development kit

·        Free onlinedatasets i.e. from Kaggle

We are going toprovide some STM sensor tile development kits to participants for development butotherwise teams should use their own laptops, mobile phones or smartwatches.


Prizes for the challenge:

-         1st 8000€

-         2nd 5000€

-         3rd 3000€


Teams should submit a project code and a demo video (or screen capture) showcasing the developed features. Additionally, they can choose to prepare a brief presentation to explain the process and result of their work, which does not need to be submitted beforehand.

Solutions will berated on their uniqueness, user impact, feasibility for deployment on mobile/wearables, completeness, engagement value, and fun factor. Each domain offers up to 10 points. Aim for creativity, tangible user benefits, practicality, compelling interaction, and a dash of excitement! 


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